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Being a Defense Brat or defence kid has its own way of life. From travelling from one city to another to making friends across the country, defence kids live a life different from others.

While this different lifestyle was on, a creative side was also taking place alongside. Formerly known as Aatrii, Creative founder Jyoti’s love for sarees goes back to her childhood when she saw her mother drape various sarees. Her mother would collect the choicest sarees from different states with a travelling background, bringing a variety to her collection.

Then what? It caught Jyoti’s attention in her formative years, and her love for sarees only grew ever since. But belonging to a typical Fauji family, her destiny brought her to join the forces, and she became an Air Force pilot. Flying helicopters for 10 years, she finally decided to give wings to her love for sarees.

Every thread has its story, Every stitch has something to say.

As the saying goes, ‘Like mother, Like daughter,’ Jyoti’s fascination towards yards grew with time, giving birth to Aatrii. Jyoti wanted to do something that she always loved doing. Post her Air Force retirement in 2015, she learned more about sarees and brought the best before her customers.

The Idea of such excellence took place in 2015 within the four walls. And today, Jyoti is extending her affection towards sarees with all her patrons as ‘Karghanee’-the word, which translates to ‘loom’ is love woven into yards.

Years of observance from her mother and being draped in sarees herself in the years of her defence career, Karghanee is a collection of yards from the best. Be it any category, the firm’s collections come with a motherly touch and ages of know-how. After all, experience speaks for itself.

Exquisite weaves from around the country to suit every palette of fashion.
About the Founder

Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another and Jyoti, the founder, showcases that majestically. Being a loving mother herself and former Air Force  Helicopter pilot she gives us passion and will to challenge the impossible.

Her 10 years stint in Air Force made her a woman of substance; at the same time, it also paved the way to her dream of becoming a handloom expert. Today she is knitting her dream of becoming a handloom expert slowly but sagaciously. She wishes to boost India’s handloom excellence through her aesthetic collections of sarees from all across the country. And here she is portraying her endearment towards Authentic Saree, one at a Time.

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